Notes on: Cedric Price & the Fun Palace

Cybernetics (information + control) for art and architecture Please excuse the formatting issues; these are NOTES after all 🙂 Pointer from: Architectural Intelligence by Molly Wright Steenson Place digested: Devoured on Bart ride home Time digested: Sept 17, 2018   Direct Excerpt From: The Fun Palace: Cedric Price’s experiment in architecture and technology” by Stanley … Continue reading Notes on: Cedric Price & the Fun Palace

Subterranean games

Increased computing for video games means now can build parts of worlds never built before. This is both related to open world games, but also to the layers of structural complexity within the games themselves. For example, video game makers never built their games to include the subterranean world before— i.e. things like plumbing. It … Continue reading Subterranean games