Simon DeDeo’s hand drawn notes for entropy class

Pointer from: Evernote review and came across this Place digested: Slouching at the standing desk Time digested: Oct 27, 2018 Entropy is a measure of a system’s: Disorder Information Information carrying capacity Uncertainty Diversity Entropy is also PHYSICAL. You can look up entropies of different substances. “Water is just ice where the molecules are … Continue reading Simon DeDeo’s hand drawn notes for entropy class

Empire State building as lean project delivery

I suspect the design-bid-build nature of our “traditional” buildings industry has an impact on *progress.* Albeit what we call traditional is actually recent to the past ~100 years compared to the design-build process of history. This paper explains that the Empire State Building’s speed of construction was attributed to design-build, among other factors (e.g. ESB’s … Continue reading Empire State building as lean project delivery

The Liability of Architects and Engineers in 19th Century America

How do the incentives (and counterbalance, risks and liabilities) of certain stakeholders within the project delivery process for buildings end up shaping the buildings themselves? Pointer from: Rabbit hole learning about project delivery that produced the Empire State Building Place digested: Late night hodge podge Time digested: October 7, 2018 Link:  

Notes on: Cedric Price & the Fun Palace

Cybernetics (information + control) for art and architecture Please excuse the formatting issues; these are NOTES after all 🙂 Pointer from: Architectural Intelligence by Molly Wright Steenson Place digested: Devoured on Bart ride home Time digested: Sept 17, 2018   Direct Excerpt From: The Fun Palace: Cedric Price’s experiment in architecture and technology” by Stanley … Continue reading Notes on: Cedric Price & the Fun Palace

Airplane manufacture + coordination/ outsourcing risk

On coordination and outsourcing risk (and reflections on internal debates within an org) Please excuse the formatting issues! Encountered– Time: September 16, 2018 Place: Evolving Pointer from: Source: Multiple Note type: Inspired Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner: “The coordination and outsourcing risk.” On the internal debate re outsourcing for the Boeing 787 Note: The Hart-Smith paper is … Continue reading Airplane manufacture + coordination/ outsourcing risk

Subterranean games

Increased computing for video games means now can build parts of worlds never built before. This is both related to open world games, but also to the layers of structural complexity within the games themselves. For example, video game makers never built their games to include the subterranean world before— i.e. things like plumbing. It … Continue reading Subterranean games