How might operations research tools help my day to day?

Time: July 2, 2017
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Matching, assignment problems
also look at patented algorithms, like

and more:

Introduction to linear programming formulation, graphical solution, Simplex ethod, artificial variable technique, Duality principle. Sensitivity analysis.

Transportation Problem
Formulation optimal solution. Unbalanced transportation problems, Degeneracy. Assignment problem, Formulation optimal solution, Variation i.e., Non-square (m x n) matrix restrictions.

Introduction, Terminology, notations and assumptions, problems with n-jobs and two machines, optimal sequence algorithm, problems with n-jobs and three machines, problems with n-jobs and m-machines, graphic solutions. Travelling salesman problem.

Introduction, Replacement of items that deteriorate with time – value of money unchanging and changing, Replacement of items that fail completely.

Queuing Models
M.M.1 & M.M.S. system cost considerations.

Theory of games
introduction, Two-person zero-sum games, The Maximum –Minimax principle, Games without saddle points – Mixed Strategies, 2 x n and m x 2 Games – Graphical solutions, Dominance property, Use of L.P. to games, Algebraic solutions to rectangular games.

Introduction, inventory costs, Independent demand systems: Deterministic models – Fixed order size systems – Economic order quantity (EOQ) – Single items, back ordering, Quantity discounts (all units quantity discounts), Batch – type production systems: Economic production quantity – Single items, Economic production quantity multiple items. Fixed order interval systems: Economic order interval (EOI) –Single items, Economic order interval (EOI) – Multiple items.

Network Analysis
Elements of project scheduling by CPM and PER