Unsure: Is information free?
Sure: Information only has meaning at some point in the future as experience

Time: September 1, 2018
Place: Driving to Tahoe (you know, after stopping at BevMo)
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Note type: Inspired

Waking Up with Sam Harris #136 - Digital Humanism (with Jaron Lanier)

According to J Lanier:

First mistake: information free and in infinite supply. Thats not true
Information only exists to degree that people perceive it and process it and understand it. Only has meaning when grounds out as human experience.

Information = alienated experience
Information similar to stored energy than can be released

In the same way:
Information only has meaning as experience at some point in the future
The problem / benefit is that its of a finite potential (can’t experience everything)

So by assuming information is free
And more information than can experience
At a disadvantage