What does expanding lifespans mean for Adulthood 2.0? An added force to help us solve our biggest problems (and with, hopefully, still some stake in the game!)

Pointer from: Mary Catherine Bateson on Edge.org
Place digested: Driving to Pacifica
Time digested: Oct 7, 2018

Notes from Mary Catherine Bateson on On Being

Power of participant observation
  • Reason why think systems lab should be active not just observing

Composing a life (not juggling)
  • Improvisation. Needs practice

Adulthood 2.0-- gives her hope we will solve big problems
  • Get to reap the harvest of all that learned in adulthood 1

Today too much short term thinking while long term living

Evolutionary clusters (from her mother, Margaret Mead)-- small groups that spur something bigger

Spiritual and religion. All 3 in family (descending from Abraham) Christianity Judaism Islam share a sense of wonder, which in turn manifests itself as praise. Ritual as meaning beyond oneself?