Nothing like sharing some Ethiopian food in person on a cold evening.

Pointer from: Interwebs
Place digested: Ethiopian
Time digested: Oct 9, 2018

  • Everyone should write more. It takes practice. Organizing ideas and creating structure important
  • We need to encourage more people to think about the industrial, the physical world.
  • In Silicon Valley, too much focus on the digital. High margins. But they don't think about the full stack. Want to encourage to think more industrial. Why? Companies say that they’re maximizing supply and demand (like Uber)… but really the value is in pushing supply down (while demand stays high)... So then can actually reap even more value.
  • [Example: cancelled my Lyft ride by accident app was being glitchy, turns out the driver was right in front of me, and *could* have physically taken me but because the app had canceled, we’d lost the connection and it wouldn’t have worked.]
  • Also importance of thinking of IP not just as tech, but as people: Process knowledge.
  • [Me] Same for buildings. Lots of focus on just the matching supply and demand (it, iot) but what about the physical + process knowledge to make it all happen.
  • Value of going back to identify problems there were not solved in the past, due to financial, technical, social constraints that are no longer an issue. For example: China now going back and addressing 50s 60s research that US and Soviet Union didn’t pursue. Example: Thorium