Missed capacity
  • Stamp printing, by US gov. Must be monitored by US Federal Marshall, so max can work is 8 hours a day. Which means printers must sit idle (even if technically capable, i.e. could continue to run, but must be off). [07/04/2018, Convo with HS]

Unique networks
  • Sheep networks across the Silk Road. [02/26/2018, Long Now talk]
  • Fish shipping in Japan. Japan has same day cold storage delivery [05/04/2018, Convo with HS]

Software that updates every year to match real life (i.e. bits matching atoms)
  • EA’s FIFA video game. Updated every year to match the year’s players, with no real change to the game and performance itself. [08/26/2018, Convo with SS]

  • Wireless area controllers for lighting fixtures + controls
  • System controllers for HVAC
  • Controllers for the latest gaming station— where you keep your profile with you wherever you go, ergonomic, too
  • despot
  • micromanager

Tools for memory
  • Space repetition with Anki (link)
  • Marking with hands in ballet [09/02/2018, Group convo in Tahoe]

Appropriators vs. Maintainers (aligned or misaligned)
  • [See E. Ostrom book for more]
  • Sidewalks (e.g. Portland)— owned by the city but mandatory that maintained by property owner [09/02/2018 convo in Tahoe]
  • "Everyone can use the service of the road" but are not responsible for maintaining it [09/03/2018 a16z Crypto podcast]

Public Private partnership where impact & aggregate info from shared space and/or activity
  • Sidewalk Toronto

Shared data
  • From CityLab article: Landsat’s data will remain, for the foreseeable future, in the public domain. Its governance has been shaped not by a profit objective, but for the dissemination of public knowledge. As such, it has helped both private and public interests.

Hard maintenance
  • Maintenance for solar = Huge issue. Just dust one thing but in places like India where pollutants plus humidity super difficult to clean
  • Squeegee-ing the CCTV tower
  • Servicing underground pipes
  • Porta Potty cleaners

How do things stick?
  • How do translated words stick? e.g. "Hot Dog" in Japanese is just the __ vs. "Hot Dog" in Chinese is literally "Hot" + "Dog" (re gou) vs. "Train" in Chinese and Japanese is Electricity + Car characters

[more pending]