Blueberry earth. Similar to world building in science fiction. Or future press releases as Amazon. How does conjuring a future and/or nonsensical state of the world help us identify or contemplate ideas in ways that feel too out of our grasp in reality / our current state?

Pointer from: Blueberries
Place digested: Driving up to Mt. Tam
Time digested: Oct 20, 2018

Assortment of notes

How much is path dependence?

When people say "Impossible," often they mean one of two very different things. How to assess where they’re coming from? Tips from J Galef:
  • Ask: In what way is it impossible?
  • Ask: Do you mean 0% impossible or some other baseline?

Quantum to classical when scale... From small to big picture
Sometimes can scale quantum like transistors

Prediction classical… can predict things related to the solar system, but not the stock market or fashion
^[ME] Pace layers

Depends on task environnent need to think what kind first

Signals… is recycling a truly impactful effort, or a signal to others that one is environmentally conscious?

Why do I care if humanity lives after me?

How much is this an opportunity cost fallacy

In Anders model of space penetration… an upload of our digital selves. We’ll need to be able to coordinate while not "connected" so need to decide ahead of time how will do that.

"We are 1/3 second away from each other by way the electron flies"

Image from Live Science