Thinking about the systems of our society. And Pros / Cons of making things at the forefront vs. behind the scenes.

Pointer from: EZ podcast
Place digested: Headed home after a week of work travel
Time digested: Oct 5, 2018

Elite people not making decisions to power world from a secret meeting room somewhere. It’s more banal than that— it’s the systems that ultimately enable them to rule the world. Example: college students who want to change the world go to McKinsey bc they know how to market to that age (predictable, prestigious, cohort like school, etc). Teach for America the same. TFA more prestigious then just going to be a teacher afterwards, too.

What goes in via the pipeline leads to delimiting solutions far down the road

EK (paraphrase) to AG— You talk about systems but in your solutions, you’re not addressing them enough

"People very rarely believe things that is inconvenient for them to believe.
Cynicism is overrated
Motivated reasoning is underrated."

The government is your disfuntional family. But on Thanksgiving you don't eat by yourself you go to your disfuntional family and try to make it better. —A

There’s a lot we forget about gov (in the US). That we can go to restos and not get sick. Can buy XYZ product and not be scared that it will fail. Can work in a building and trust that it meets certain safely standards. Some exceptions, sure.

[ME]: Reminds me of the pros/cons of making something at the forefront vs. behind the scenes. Pro: When behind the scenes, we can focus our attention on other things— similar to water infrastructure. Example: most people in the US are not worried about where they’re going to get water next… allows us to spend more attention on other things. Con: But when behind the scenes, we tend to forget about it… both the bad AND the good. Wonder what E Ostrom would say? My stance is— make it sexy and people will pay more attention. That attention is necessary to keep things moving effectively.

[ME]: Reminds me of thinking about the emergent properties of an org or civ that seem so hard to construct from scratch but just operate as such because of other factors initiated in the beginning. Building blocks that invest in that ultimately lead to bigger outcomes. But also bad outcomes. So cant just build the blocks then walk away from it