Examples of [lists]

Mix concrete + abstract

North Star podcast with Devon Zuegel

Notes from Andy Grove’s High Output...

Birds flocking

Nicky Case on Long Now

Principle of Relatedness

Dan Wang on process knowledge

Building 20 / Plywood Palace [MIT's Rad Lab]

Ribbonfarm: The founding fathers of...

Competing with BigCo, by Sinofsky

Hierarchic Span

Platform theories, aggregated

Vincent Ostrom essay Notebooks: Complexity

Rework dynamics [diagram]

Vaclav Smil: Power Density & Buildings

Vaclav Smil: Chinas Past, Chinas Future

BJ CHP Chinese Traditional Architecture

Control Theory: History,...

Leverage Points: Places to Intervene...

Deep Reinforcement Learning:...

HVAC Delivery Systems

Working with Stephen Hawking-- bday...


Infrastructure (the underlying foundation of orgs and systems) + interaction with Culture

Compounding ideas